Chad was a humble chicken farmer, and Gabrielle graced the stage of Miss USA. Scraping every dollar he had, he bought the ring. On the day they wed, promised her the world, and boy did he deliver! They bought a house, traveled the world, had two kids, and life was perfect.


Until, they both lost their jobs, and now, the little white stick had two pink lines. Drastic times, called for drastic measures! They sold everything they had, paid their debts, and bought a bus. The family of five, was now living in 264 square feet and things began to look up. They bought some chickens and a pig named "Pigsley" and they couldn't be happier. 


One night, a drive down the backroads, led to them buying an abandoned little cottage they affectionately call "The Broken House". Gabrielle put on a tool belt, and the renovations began. They have plans to buy the property next door and open a patisserie and gardens. Gabrielle was inspired by Marie Antoinette's gardens during their trip to the Palace of Versailles.

They see a farm table under the 300 year old pecan, with guests gathered around for farm fresh foods every Friday night. He will get up early to feed the animals while she collects eggs to start her baking. Join their journey as they pick up the pieces and rebuild something beautiful for everyone to enjoy.