What we have planned for 2021 might surprise you.

It’s 2021!! Thank God 2020 is over! It’s hard not to look at 2021 and feel hopeful. I mean this new year doesn’t have to do much to be better than last year, am I right?

We just finished with the holidays and I have to say I am inspired. And a bit exhausted, but we will leave sleep for another day. While virtual learning, I was a bit sensitive to the Thanksgiving curriculum that was sent home. It was incredibly vague and really had no substance or understanding to the holiday. It was a bland as white bread.

Now, I am not going to give a history lesson, I encourage you to do your own digging. We know the colonists had a brutal first year in the “New World”. There was disease, famine, and over half the population on the boat died. Can you imagine leaving everything you had known, to travel 66 days on a boat to lose half of your friends and family? I can’t. It was Squanto, a member of the Pawtuxet Tribe that taught the colonist to cultivate the land and hunt for game. The following harvest the Mayor wanted to celebrate and give thanks. Hence Thanksgiving.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was brutal. Grocery shelves were bare, people had no work, there was sickness, even death… Sound familiar? I think we need to get back to basics, and learn to live in this “Newer World”.

So, in New Years fashion, I wanted to set some goals for myself and the business. This year, I plan to grow and raise everything we will serve for next year's Thanksgiving. I would love to be completely self sufficient but a good goal needs to be SMART. A good goal needs to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Being complete self sufficient is a tall order for the first year and may not be attainable. How cool would it be to have everything I put on the table come from my land? I think it would be swell! If we could make this property self sufficient that would just be a bonus.

We are currently in the process of clearing the garden and have plans drawn up to start planting soon. I am a little bit nervous that I may have bit off more that I can chew, (pun intended), but nonetheless, lessons will be learned along the way. What lessons do you have set to learn in this “Newer World”?

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