In 2018, the Hellers sold everything they owned and bought a 45ft Thomas school bus. They love living tiny and had no intentions on purchasing a "big" home. One afternoon, the kids asked to take the backway to town, and that's when they passed by The Broken House. Gabrielle told the kids that if the house ever came up for sale, she was going to buy it. Strangely enough, that very next day, there was a sign in the yard. 

Gabrielle immediately set up a time with the realtor and bought it. Waiting for Chad to see the house didn't even pass her mind. The house was in total disrepair, but she loved it. 

It was the day they got the keys, and they could not wait to begin work on their forever home. They pulled in the driveway when Olina asked "Why is it broken?". Henceforth, it was known as The Broken House.




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2021 brings a breath of fresh air as we hope to continue to breathe life into this home. This year, we had to get creative so we started The Broken House Project. This will be various efforts for the family, even the kids, to raise money to help foot the bill for renovations. Be sure to follow @homewiththehellers to stay up to date on events and merchandise. 


When the road to success

Looks too long,

Home restoration


Look back at 

Where you started.