Just so you know,


There's like a lot of kids in here...

We are coming up on our 3rd year in old Bertha, and it is going to be bittersweet when we move into The Broken House. We love living tiny, and we often say we wish we had lived tiny when we got married. If you are of the fence about going tiny, I say "DO IT!!" Here are a few questions we often get. 

What's it like living in such a tight space with your kids?

Honestly, I like parenting in a small space, because I can see what they are getting into at all times. There are no rooms for them to hide in. But, at the same time there are no rooms for them to  play in either. I send them outside to play as much as I can . 

your home is so small, must be a breeze to clean, right?

How did you downsize and do you even have anything left?

Going tiny was a plan for quite some time, so we sold most of our stuff in multiple yard sales. We have a few pieces of antique furniture that we keep in storage. It's kind is amazing how much stuff can fit in a tiny space.  Laundry for 5 people can be overwhelming, so I thin out old laundry often. 

Once you move into the house, will you sell the bus?

We get this question A LOT!!

We adore our bus. We definitely wanted to take her across country at some point. However, if the right young couple came along and wanted to start their life off debt free, I think I would let her go. Probably regret it immediately, but I would rather someone enjoy it, than to rust. So the answer is IDK...Maybe

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Very, very wrong. I can clean all day and it never really be clean. The same amount of living in a big house takes place in a tiny one, it's just condensed now. We have downsized considerably, yet if even a few things are out of place, it can be chaotic.